Don't Mess With It

Don't Mess With Branding

‘Just Do It’ is one of the most simple and recognisable slogans of all time (also hijacked in recent times by Shia LaBeouf for an animated motivational speech) and has been used by Nike for the past 15 years. Compare this with Reebok who have changed their slogan 14 times since 1987. So which company has the strongest brand?

Strong branding is the core of any decent marketing strategy: it enables differentiation against the competition and allows people to recognise products and services easily. But how does consistency in branding and the way the products are marketed affect the business? At Bolster Marketing we think it’s incredibly important because consistency in itself is also a brand promise you are always delivering on. It’s also part of the identity, so it has to be clear what the brand is all about.

One of the problems that we hear from new customers is that they have found it challenging to keep consistency through the evolution of the channels available to marketers and the emergence of new technology. That’s where we come in, we love a challenge and we’re super proud to be able to help you deliver on the brand promise.


Bite Size Summary

Change your face and nobody will recognise you. Your brand is your identity, once you've decided and gained an audience, stick with it and "DON'T MESS WITH IT!"

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