Speed Vs. Navigation

3 click rule

So online users need to locate content in three clicks? Wrong! Usability tests have long challenged the so-called three-click rule. Contrary to the beliefs of many, people will not leave your site or app if they are unable to locate the information they seek in three clicks/taps. The reality is that the number of necessary clicks, or taps, affects neither user satisfaction nor conversion rate.

What really counts is the ease in which a user can navigate your site, following the ‘scent of information’ until they find the answer to the question that led them to you. If your content is interesting enough the user won’t be thinking about how many times they’ve had to click at all. Your customers are relying on your website to find information, purchase services and leave feedback. This means your website plays an important part of the customer experience.

Your business needs to deliver better online tools to help your customers make informed decisions. Our advice here is to use advanced search solutions that will drive the website experience, making pages easier to navigate. Our approach is to design our customer’s sites with a more customer-friendly slant. Hands down, this will be the most important change you could make to your website to help you drive sales, whilst make a positive enough impression on the visitor that they’ll remember you and likely come back for more.


Bite Size Summary

As ever, CONTENT IS KING. Strong content will keep the user occupied. Advanced navigation tools will offer them an easy way of finding what they seek.

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