Video Is The New Black

Video Is The New Black

At Bolster, we know that you would rather watch a 30 second slice video than read a guide. In an age where content is so readily available the attention span of website visitors has dwindled rapidly. In fact, now that we mention it, you‘re probably thinking ‘why am I reading this blog? I could easily find a YouTube video that will give me the information with visual stimulation. This is precisely our point. So how can you capitalize on this for your business?

Video is a great medium to showcase your happy customers or explain complicated products or services. Sometimes it’s just too hard to explain a product or service through text. Think about installing Kodi, can you imagine reading through a text only guide on how to install it? It’s too much of a pain without a visual guide.

The same goes with modern day customer case studies. Authenticity and trust are human behaviours digested through visual interpretation. New customers can often be skeptical when considering doing business with you. Prospects want ‘proof’ that your solution will work for them and that you have done something similar for someone like them in the past. Case studies, like testimonials, are a great way to add credibility to your marketing. So go beyond a simple testimonial, and try a Bolster video case study instead. We do all the leg work and can even upload and manage your social media pages to boost engagement.


Bite Size Summary

Do your business a favour and move with the times. Video is a fantastic engagement medium and also contributes to your SEO.

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