Whether you're a small, medium or large business, a consistent brand is top priority.

Your brand is your identity...

...whether it be a pen, mug, t-shirt, brochure or a good old-fashioned desk calendar, it should act as a crashing symbol in the mind of the viewer; ringing the sound of your company name.

Choosing your company logo should be much more challenging than picking a picture you like and typing a word next to it. Your image and font choice should be industry relevant and, more than anything else, professional. More thought should go into the choice of colour than ‘What’s my favourite?’ Remember, your logo is not for you, it’s for your potential buyers. It should appeal to them. A wise choice of colour scheme can set the tone for your entire approach as a business. Getting it wrong can be disastrous, getting it right can create a level of trust that will evolve into equity.

This is where we come in. We love branding. You may find that sad, but we do. We love logo design, colour schemes and font choice. We love it all because we understand the value of a powerful logo and a familiar, consistent brand identity.

Once settled on your new style we will implement it across all your media and can provide you with a whole host of new material boasting your troop colours.

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