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Bolster Marketing voted 'Digital Marketing Specialists of the Year'

Global Marketing Award

Another creative marketing campaign, another award. This time, Bolster Marketing has been recognised on a global scale; picking up the Digital Marketing Agency of the Year Award for 2023/24.

Bolster Marketing voted 'Digital Marketing Specialists of the Year'

Multi-Award-Winning Marketing

We are thrilled to announce another remarkable achievement in the Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2023. We are honoured to be selected as the Digital Marketing Specialists of the Year.

Marketing Horror Story Big Bens Funeral Home

Marketing Horror Story - Big Ben's

Ben had recently inherited his family funeral business and wanted to modernise it to attract more customers. He knew he needed help with marketing, so he hired a marketing agency that promised the dream...

Bolster voted Most Trusted Marketing Agency

Award Winning Marketing

Bolster Marketing Ltd has been voted 'Most Trusted Marketing Agency' in the Greater Manchester region by a panel of expert judges in the SME awards.

Career In Marketing

Socks & Sleeves

Thinking about a career in marketing? Not sure what to expect? Sometimes it's not just bells, whistles, mugs & posters. There are many occasions when we have to pull up the socks, roll the sleeves and get stuck in.

Taking Risks In Marketing

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Don't be afraid to take risks in marketing, so long as they are calculated risks! This case study relates to event management but the message is transferable; put in the legwork and believe in yourself and the idea, even if others call it crazy.

Creating Your First Website

Your First Website

So, it’s time to purchase your very own plot in the digital marketplace. But where should you start? Here's a brief knowledge sharing guide for small businesses to getting the process underway, which will help you save time and cut costs.

Large Marketing Project Support

Who You Gonna Call?

"Listen! You smell something?" You’re hard at work, clearing 452 unread emails from last week. Your first coffee of the day has gone cold. You have 8 ongoing projects that you’re confident you can push forward today. But there’s something in the room.

Creating Your First Logo

Your First Logo

Is your logo appealing? Is it relevant? What does it say about your business? Should you think about changing it? Here's an insight into our logo design process that might help you come up with a logo that is worthy of representing your brand.

Motorsport Photography UK

BRX Pembrey

A short account of my first time watching rallycross live and in person, including a library of free images. If you competed and would like any images sent to you directly please email your request to:

Bolster Marketing Launch

It’s Launch Day for bolster! Payload includes vital marketing services to be delivered to planets in need throughout the market-verse, regardless of your galactic sector.

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