Welcome to your new marketing department.

Welcome to Proactive Marketing

Our extensive experience in high-level marketing roles equips us with the expertise to handle multiple services seamlessly for our clients. Regardless of your current marketing position, we follow a meticulous approach of analysis, strategising, and prioritising before executing any task.

Every action we take is driven by your business, ethos, and messages, aligning with your employees and sales goals in both the short and long term. We don't wait for you to reach out to us; instead, we proactively delve into every aspect of your marketing function, ensuring consistency, integrity, accessibility, and upholding high standards.

Why Choose Proactive?

  1. Comprehensive Strategy: We adopt a holistic approach to create a tailored strategy that suits your unique business needs and objectives.
  2. Proactive Engagement: We take the initiative to drive your marketing efforts forward, exploring new opportunities and implementing innovative approaches.
  3. Flexible Adaptability: Our proactive marketing adapts to your business's requirements, providing the flexibility you need to navigate dynamic market conditions.

Experience the Difference

Embrace a new era of marketing with Proactive. Welcome to your new marketing department, where we prioritise proactive actions that bring your vision to life. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your marketing endeavours.

Services included in proactive:

Website Design and Management


We create new or manage/update your existing website. A strong website can be your biggest advocate in winning new business.

Search Engine Optimisation Expert

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a beautiful website can help you convert visitors. But without SEO, obtaining those visitors can be hard work.

Social Media Manager

Social Media

Looking to become more social? We can create and manage all of your social media pages for you; including content creation!

Cheap Logo Design

Logo Design

Looking for a new logo or thinking about a rebrand? We have no generic templates, we create inspired and unique logos.

Freelance Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Need an advertisement design? Website/social images? Billboard? Vehicle signwriting? Business cards? Brochure? We design!

Animator For Hire


Whether you're looking for a ten second or ten minute animation, we storyboard, script and create to match your vision.

Video Creation and Editing


Our video service includes idea creation, storyboarding, scripting, filming, editing & encoding.

Freelance Photographer


We love to be behind the camera! We provide head-shot, location, product, event and sport photography packages.

Expert Copywriting


Art thou in need of well written copy? Ask no more! How long do you need it to be? Or not to be? That is the question.

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Multi-Award Winning Marketing

We are thrilled to announce another remarkable achievement in the Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2023. We are honoured to be selected as the Digital Marketing Specialists of the Year.

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Marketing Horror Story #1

Ben had recently inherited his family funeral business and wanted to modernise it to attract more customers. He knew he needed help with marketing, so he hired a marketing agency that promised the dream, but delivered a nightmare.

Award Winning Marketing

Award Winning Marketing

We are absolutely delighted to be starting 2023 as an award winning agency. Trust is the foundation of all great relationships and we work effortlessly to maintain the trust and respect of all of our clients.

Career In Marketing

Socks & Sleeves

Thinking about a career in marketing? Not sure what to expect? Sometimes it's not just bells, whistles, mugs & posters. There are many occasions when we have to pull up the socks, roll the sleeves and get stuck in.

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